“The group, the mix, support. Emma as course leader… would advise anyone to attempt!”
Ruth’s comments at the end of a Spanish Beginner’s Course.

A gateway to gaining new skills, making new friends and future learning!

No age restriction, no prior knowledge needed – Fluent Futures will support you in learning a second language for pleasure. Leave your pre-conceptions about learning a new language at home… everyone can do it and we guarantee you’ll leave with a smile!

So if you’ve got a holiday booked or you’ve secretly always wanted to learn some conversational French or Spanish then call us on 078344 93532. We’re here to help.

Our aim is to teach you a new language in a supportive, no-pressure environment.

We hold regular adult learning classes throughout the Derwentside area – please see our ‘Book A Lesson‘ page to book your place.

Learning a second language is officially ‘good for you’… “Benefits of Bilingualism”

When asked to give their feedback, our learners rated us ‘EXCELLENT’ in:

  • the variety of resources and activities offered,
  • the level of tutor support provided,
  • the pace and content of the sessions
  • & the atmosphere and social aspect of the course!!