“Emma came into our school full of wonderful and imaginative ways of teaching French and Spanish. She made each lesson engaging and fun which included songs, games and crafts.”
Staff of Bishop Ian Ramsey

From September 2014 MFL is becoming a compulsory part of the KS2 Curriculum.

Fluent Futures MFL tuition

Fluent Futures work closely with Class Teachers, and are happy to embed a general class topic into our MFL sessions. We believe it is important for culture to be integrated into our language teaching, and feel then that the children develop a better understanding of the world around them.

“Emma offered the children a chance to develop their language skills by offering a wide range of activities for them to complete. Emma was fantastic with the children and they enjoyed the time they spent learning Spanish. In the time Emma spent with the Year 5/6 class they made massive progress playing games, completing craft activities and much more. Emma made Spanish accessible to all the children in the class, no matter what their academic ability.”
Mark Milburn, Teacher, Bishop Ian Ramsey

Our language sessions are centred around ICT, crafts, songs, games and stories – with an emphasis on fun!

A worthwhile opportunity for your children to have curriculum focused learning during Teacher’s PPA time.

Contact Emma on 078344 93532 and have a chat about how we can help you with this.